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Special cut stones:

All special cut stones with special cuts, facets, and designs and single stones are cut by own factory here in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. In addition to these cuts, we also feature engraved stones.

A rollover photo of Idar Oberstein master cutters with beautiful gem stones as a part of the photograph A photo montage of a variety of different types of gemstones of different special cuts and shapes to include pear shaped checkerboard cut, briollete, pampel, barrel bead, suncut, and round bead necklace

The photograph on the left depicts our master cutters at work in Idar-Oberstein.

The photograph on the right shows a sample of the special cuts that we have. From top to bottom: The top stone is a yellow beryl with a table cut with alternating polished and unpolished facets. The next stone is a citrine drop which is faceted on both sides in a briolette cut. The aquamarine brilliant cut briolette pair is a sample of the brilliant cut briolette that are available in all stones. The amethyst beads are a sample of the "ball" that we cut. The balls can be used for beads as well as drops and other designs in jewellery. The bottom left pink tourmaline barrell shaped stone is also a bead which can be made into necklaces or set in a ring. The bottom yellow beryl is trillion shaped with table cut. All facets are on the back side . All the facets are cut to one point, giving great visual depth to the stone. If you are interested in special cuts, special shapes for special cuts, and unusual faceting, contact us for more information.

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