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Emil Kreis & Co.

The company was founded in 1911 by Emil Kreis He started the production in a very little workshop in Veitsrodt (near Idar-Oberstein). At this time there was no electricity. He used a hand-powered machine which his wife often assisted by turning the wheel.

Emil Kreis started his business cutting hematite and amethyst. Beginning in 1920 his main production shifted to aquamarines. He became very well known as an expert for unusual and big aquamarine crystals, and was one of the first to cut the famous Santa Maria aquamarines.

A photo montage with Emil Kreis, the founder of the company and a picture of his Master Cutter certificate
A photograph of Herbert Schmidt and a picture of his Master Cutter certificate

In 1930 he moved his business and his home from Veitsrodt to Idar-Oberstein. In 1938, Mr. Herbert Schmidt his son-in-law, joined the company and the firm name was changed to Emil Kreis & Co. The partners continued the company with great success until 1957 when the senior Emil Kreis died.

At this time, Emil,s grandson Jürgen Schmidt, became a partner in the company.

Because of travel to Africa, Asia and Brazil, Jürgen Schmidt discovered new stones and added them to the company's production range.

A sister company was developed in Bangkok in 1995, to produce the mass-production of calibrated stones, ensuring for the highest quality but with the most competitive prices. His son, Jochen Schmidt, directs the production to ensure the highest quality as well punctual delivery times.

A photograph of Juergen Schmidt with a picture of his Master Cutter certificate
A photograph of Jochen Schmidt
Jochen Schmidt

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Updated November 27, 2004